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  • Annealing Cups

    Annealing Cups

    Made of the finest selected fire clay, these cups are smooth and have an unglazed surface. Used for annealing gold buttons and for ignition of precipitates such as barium sulfate, copper sulfide, and silica.

  • Colorado

    Colorado Assay Crucibles – Multi-Run

    Made of a high quality, premium mix, these assay crucibles are made to be a multi-run crucible when used in a standard assay process. They are also suggested for use with harsh flux.

  • Colorado Melting...

    Colorado Melting Crucibles are especially designed for melting gold, silver and other not-ferrous metals. These crucibles are widely used for refining and for melting other materials having melting points up to 2200˚F. These refractory crucibles are relatively free of iron, very dense and have a high thermal conductivity.

  • Fused Silica Crucibles

    Fused Silica Crucibles have been developed for multi-use assays with standard to acidic conditions.

  • Jewelry & Dentals

    Dental & Jewelry

                    Material specifications of the crucibles have been developed to give optimum compatibility with both precious and non-precious metal alloys.

                    Careful control over the manufacture of the crucibles ensures long life with repeatability of results in all casting machines.

  • Standard Assay

  • Refining Silicon...
  • Refining Graphite...
  • Quartz


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Showing 1 - 12 of 96 items